Native Blocks Pre-Alpha

Here’s a presentation of my new tool. I called it Native Blocks. It’s a re-assembler basically. Since a written presentation would take me too much time I prepared a video presentation.

Again, this is a pre-alpha. This tool will soon support other technologies such as java, actionscript and maybe even x86. Right now it only supports .NET (and even .NET support will be hugely improved, like for instance supporting the direct modification of assemblies without having to use Rebel.NET).

The development of this tool depends mainly on the interest of people.

As I can be considered a student from now on, I would like to earn some extra money by writing tools such as this one. I have still my job as consultant, but it’s a very limited partime, because I just became a student.

This tool is in my opinion pretty good, it is not only good for deobfuscation purposes but also patching and assembling on the fly.

If this tool can be sold, then the support of technologies will depend on requests. I think I’ll add Java immediately and after that maybe x86/x64. Again it depends.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

10 thoughts on “Native Blocks Pre-Alpha”

  1. I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened with the video there, it just was removed from megavideo without giving me a reason. I split it in two parts and uploaded it to youtube.

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Awesome work!
    Videos is a great idea to present your tools! I think it’s the perfect and fastest way, instead of text & screen-shots.

    The sound quality is a little poor though. First I couldn’t hear much and I tried to increase the volume but it’s a lot of background noise.

    Continue to demo you work by videos, it’s great.

  3. Thanks andrei,
    you’re right, I should be paying more attention to the sound. Next time I’ll use an external mic.
    I think that videos are an excellent way to show my stuff, they save me a lot of time…

  4. Well, I could. The problem is that I don’t have time to work on projects which bring me no money right now. It’s always the same problem in the IT world.
    But thanks for your appreciation!

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