Windows Vista x64

Today, I released my new article about Windows Vista and the x64 platform.

Here’s the article’s index:

x64 Section
x64 Assembly
C/C++ Programming
Inline Assembly
Windows On Windows
File System And Registry Redirection
Interprocess Communication
Portable Executable
Exception Handling
.NET Framework
Vista Section
Microsoft Visual Studio
User Account Control
Compatibility Verification
Obtaining Admin Rights
Disable It
Address Space Layout Randomization
Driver Signing
Patch Guard
Registry Filtering
Power Management
.NET Framework 3.0
Windows Presentation Foundation
Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Workflow Foundation

I hope you enjoy the article and don’t dislike the idea of such a general overview about two really extensive subjects like x64 and Windows Vista. I noticed during the writing that I had to put a lot of images in the article and that this might be problem for slow connections. I’m sorry for that, but it’s the direct consequence of not subdividing this paper in more articles.