Explorer Suite III (CFF Explorer VII)

Scripting documentation:



– Fixed a lot of bugs
– Fixed a minor bug in the MetaData tables
– Fixed minor resizing bug on Vista
– General improvements
– Significantly improved the interface
– Improved Resource Editor
– Improved Rebuilder (added checksum update and strip debug directory)
– Improved Data Directories viewer
– Improved Hex Editor
– Improved Sections Dialog (added section’s hex view)
– Improved MetaData Tables
– Extended the SDK
– Added powerful very scripting language
– Added documentation for the scripting language
– Added security features for the scripting language
– Added support for generic files
– Added Name Unmangler
– Added Debug Directory
– Added Dependency Walker
– Added Quick Disassembler (x86, x64)

Hope you like it.

After months of work I finally have a release.

9 thoughts on “Explorer Suite III (CFF Explorer VII)”

  1. Hey Daniel! New version looks great! Can’t wait to try it out! πŸ™‚

    Good job!


    Missing you in #reactos though. 😐

  2. Thanks to you both!

    stefan, sorry for my absence, but there are various reasons for it. First of all I got sick and have been loaded of work to do. Second, the project is going a road which doesn’t interest me too much. This doesn’t mean that I won’t give contribute. In fact, there are certain things I need to code anyway someday, so why don’t contribute to the reactos? However, right now I really don’t have the time for educational project, I’m really out of time and going through major crisis, which affect me through my family. If despite of this you’d like to talk to me, my msn contact is: ntoskrnl@passport.com.

    P.S. florent this applies to you to, of course. You can add me if you’d like to your contacts.

  3. Thank you for the V4E update! πŸ™‚
    I’ve just a note: I do not find very clear the difference between β€œUncheck” and “Disable”
    What does each mean? Which result in use?

    ‘Nice day πŸ™‚

    P.S. : English isn’t my native tongue thus I will have difficulties of speaking to you on MSN Live. :s

  4. Thank you florent! Uncheck does the opposite, meanwhile disable doesn’t do anything.

    Nice day to you too!

    P.S. You could write in french, I’d still understand you, but I’d prefer to answer in english, my french is a bit (very) rusty.

  5. Just another suggestion for the next V4E release: could one extend the window (at least vertically)?

    Thank you for the explanation.

  6. Another suggest for the next release: an baml resource editor.

    i have heavy problems to remove a public key token reference from xaml files (later baml, because they are compiled).

    or maybe anyone knows how i can do this?!
    please drop me a mail at
    bernhard.millauer *no@spam* gmx.at

  7. Yes, I thought of implementing a baml resource editor, the problem is this:
    the baml file format is (as usual) undocumented and I’m tired of wasting my time in analyzing with a hex editor every new “technology” microsoft dishes out. I already think that xaml is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.
    However, if someone spends his time and documents the baml format, I might consider implementing an editor.
    Best regards

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