Explorer Suite II: Coming Soon

I know, there’s been a bit of delay, but the Explorer Suite II will soon be available. The reason there’s been so much delay is the amount of things I’ve added to the suite. Including the PE Detective and the Signature Explorer. Also, the Task Explorer has now a windows enumerating utility. But, of course, most of the news affect the CFF Explorer. Finally, support for plugins has been added. An SDK and a wizard for Visual Studio 2005 to create extensions has also been provided. A little demo plugin to use upx from the CFF Explorer is included. The Resource Viewer is now a Resource Editor with support for Vista’s PNG icons. There are many other new things, but I don’t want to say too much yet. I just wanted to say that the project is still very active and that the next version will be very satisfying, I think.

3 thoughts on “Explorer Suite II: Coming Soon”

  1. Nice to hear u’re working on ur great CFF Explorer. Especially the support for plugins sounds really good ! Keep up the good work… can hardly await it:—)

  2. Absolutely brilliant!!!
    Keep it up!!!!

    What would be real cool is an audio/video plugin that can play items from the resource.

    also a file-type identifier for identifying the embedded resource items file type.

    Many thanks for this Dan! You have been linked permanently! :o)

  3. Thank you!

    Yes, I thought about the audio/video support, but for now, for this new version, I have written a plugin for the CFF which makes it possible to open even 64bit resource files with resource hacker and even edit them and save the changes. I believe that isn’t bad for now and it gives you all the features resource hacker (or another old resource editor) has (including audio/video support).

    Thank you again for your comment, I really appreciate the support.

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