Busy & Qt 4.6

I apologize if in the last time I couldn’t answer to emails without many days of delay, but I’m incredibly busy in my real life.
There is some important news I can’t yet talk about but will soon.

Also, yesterday the new Qt 4.6 has come out. For Windows developers good news: the sdk come with gcc 4.4 with patches for phonon, in case you don’t want to use Visual Studio (like myself). Among the new features: animation and state machine frameworks, multi-touch support, symbian support. Also many improvements in Qt Creator.

P.S. I wanted to publish this post several days ago, but pressed Save Draft instead of Publish.

2 thoughts on “Busy & Qt 4.6”

  1. Well, I use it from time to time. But mostly for old projects or .NET.

    I usually only use Qt Creator, which is only missing debugging capabilities like visual studio. But it is getting better.

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