Video: PDF/XDP Malware Reversing

Since I don’t have time to write many articles, this is my first video tutorial. 🙂 This video is based on my 2016 article on

If you like it and want to see more, let me know!

Edit: since I was asked to share the comments in the disassembly, here’s a small snippet to add them. You can run the snippet by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R (make sure that the disassembly view is focused when running it).

from Pro.UI import proContext
from Pro.Carbon import caComment

comments = (
	(0x000000A2, "loop resolving the following APIs:\n   LoadLibraryA\n   WinExec\n   TerminateThread\n   GetTempPathA\n   VirtualProtect"),
	(0x000000C5, "calls VirtualProtect with stolen bytes"),
	(0x000000CC, "pushes URLMON string to stack"),
	(0x000000D2, "calls a gadget which calls LoadLibraryA and returns the URLMON base address"),
	(0x000000D9, "resolves URLDownloadToFileA"),
	(0x000000FB, "pushes \"regsvr32 -s \" to the stack"),
	(0x00000109, "call GetTempFilePathA"),
	(0x00000121, "appends \"wpbt0.dll\" to the path"),
	(0x00000139, "calls URLDownloadToFileA with the created path with the URL:\n"),
	(0x00000143, "calls WinExec on the downloaded file"),
	(0x0000014C, "calls WinExec on \"regsvr32 -s \" followed by the downloaded file"),
	(0x00000166, "calls TerminateThread"),

def add_comments():
    v = proContext().getCurrentView()
    ca = v.getCarbon()
    db = ca.getDB()
    comment = caComment()
    for c in comments:
        comment.address = c[0]
        comment.text = c[1]
    # update the view